DGT Loves… April!

We are already a third of the way through the year, which can only mean one thing… it’s time for DGT Loves April! Spring has sprung and with the change in season has come an abundance of enviable marketing campaigns that have caught our eye over at DGT HQ. Beyond the classic Easter campaigns that have been filling our billboards, TV screens and magazines, we’ve been impressed by some fabulously dynamic fashion collaborations, star-studded advertisements for mobile games, and thought-provoking in-store campaigns highlighting poverty and homelessness.

Ikea’s Real Life Roomsets

To relate to a certain experience or mindset, we’re often asked to “live in someone else’s shoes” to truly appreciate someone else’s perspective, which is exactly what IKEA have done with their latest campaign in collaboration with Shelter. Across four stores, IKEA have set up ‘real life roomsets’ – accurate imitations of temporary accommodation spaces that people across the UK call home. Each room is a replica of genuine temporary accommodation spaces local to the store, and each exhibition sits in stark contrast to the rest of IKEA’s elaborate displays. Set within the context of spacious room mock-ups adorned with their plush new furniture, beautiful wall displays and comfortable beds, these ‘real life roomsets’ truly stand out, encouraging customers to appreciate what they have and contemplate how difficult it must be to lack a place to call home.

Merge Mansions

When we think of mobile game advertising, we typically think of clickbait advertising with little to no association with actual gameplay. In fact, whenever those adverts pop up before a YouTube video loads, 90 per cent of us skip them, which is why it is vital for businesses to take their marketing to the next level by creating adverts that are truly engaging and buck the trend of boring, generic faux-gameplay. That is precisely what Merge Mansions have been doing this April, creating some of the most riveting advertising we’ve seen for mobile gaming in many years!

Merge Mansion’s star-studded adverts seemingly have the production value to rival any Netflix crime drama, and even have the mysterious storyline to boot. The format of the quintessential mobile merge game is transformed into a mysterious murder investigation intertwined with family secrets, a terrifying abandoned mansion, and an unsolved killing. The choice of Pedro Pascal to star in the advert is also no coincidence, with his work in The Last Of Us catapulting him to global heartthrob status, making the advert even more eye-catching. You’ll be glued to your screen, asking yourself “what is grandma hiding?” and quickly scurrying to the App Store to download the game to find out what all the hype is about.


In a world where fast fashion is king and trends come and go quicker than ever, it takes a lot for a brand-new release to catch our eye. That’s why What iiiF’s conceptual collaboration between fashion brand Lacoste and artist Jeff Koons is so exceptional – it blurs the lines between art and fashion to show pieces that are conceptional and boundary-breaking. But it’s not just the clothing that is innovative, but the marketing techniques pursued to advertise the conceptual collaboration.

By using physical touchpoints, marketing brand What iiiF were able to conceptualise pieces that fused Lacoste’s quintessential fashion pieces with Jeff Koons’ dynamic balloon-like shapes, vibrant colours and glass-like shine. Were these pieces available for purchase? No. But the collaboration catapulted brand awareness thanks to the campaign’s striking visuals. After all, who doesn’t want to see a crocodile walking the streets in a Lacoste puffer jacket, or a giant inflatable dragon sitting happily on the Great Wall of China? They’re certainly visual marketing feats that will live in our minds rent-free for quite some time…

Heinz Ketchup Print Campaign

Knock offs and borderline fraudulent imitations of products are not typically embraced by brands… unless you’re Heinz. In their latest print campaign, the condiment kings have focused on the idea of brand perception and how important it is in fulfilling customer expectations. In a series of images, restaurant employees are seen filling empty bottles of Heinz’s famous tomato sauce with off-brand alternatives.

This campaign shows that Heinz acknowledge that they’ve truly monopolised the ketchup market to become the premium brand of choice, with no other alternative being regarded to the same standard. However, there is a more humble undertone to the advert – Heinz may not create the most unique products, or at the most competitive price point, especially if their ketchup can be so easilu replaced. What Heinz are conveying in these adverts is the value of brand recognition and the idea that “it has to be Heinz”. Customers come to expect a certain calibre of brands when they dine at cafes and restaurants – if you want pickles, you’ll expect Branstons; if you want vinegar, you’ll expect Sarson’s; and if you want ketchup, it has to be Heinz.


April isn’t over yet, and it has already yielded some exceptional feats of marketing that break the mould. From Heinz’s striking print campaigns that demonstrate the value of brand identity, to the star-studded Merge Mansion’s adverts that have set a new precedent for mobile game adverts  – it seems as if marketing trends in 2023 are focused on pushing boundaries with shocking, tongue-in-cheek or thought provoking adverts.

Speaking of outstanding marketing, that’s precisely our specialty at the Demand Generation Team! With over thirty years of marketing experience across a number of sectors, DGT are well-versed in creating campaigns that yield exceptional results. Through our combination of social, content, PPC, web, lead gen, CRM, automation and much more, our dedicated team of marketing maestros are able to take your marketing output to the next level. Want to know more? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

Posted by Jenna C on Wednesday 3rd May 2023