DGT Loves… Christmas 2022!

DGT Loves… Christmas


O Christmas Campaign, O Christmas Campaigns, how lovely are thy adverts!

Christmas 2022 is set to be a special one! Christmas this year has been invaded by none other than the World Cup! With the World Cup 2022 crashing the holiday season, brands have had to step up their messaging, they’re campaigning for two this year.

Featuring comedy classics, football history and deadpan, British humour, the unlikely stars of this year’s Christmas advert debuts have one thing on the mind- spreading the true meaning of Christmas and bringing a tear to our eyes (laughter or not). So, without further ado, let’s see why DGT Loves Christmas 2022!


‘Feast of Football’


Once again, they’ve done it folks, Aldi shoots and they scored, big time. From footballer puns to Christmas movie magic, Aldi has perfectly encapsulated the anticipation of this year’s Christmas X World Cup fever.

Aldi have long taken the crown (or Cup!) for Christmas campaign favourite across the UK, what with Kevin the Carrot taking MVP (Most Valuable Player), time and time again. But this year, the supermarket chain has used their campaign to poke some fun at the World Cup, with their superstar Ron-Aldi leading the way.

The history of Aldi’s stellar performances has grown from emotional personification of a carrot, to now taking over the World (Cup) with its generation-defying narratives, that create quite the buzz throughout the media and other social circles. Bonding together the World Cup and Christmas favourite ‘Home Alone’, Aldi has scored in both areas.

The marketers for Aldi definitely know how to create a memorable experience through their marketing, through play on words or names, colourful characters that can be used outside of their video advertisement, to ensuring they meet topical criteria. Surely Aldi takes the Christmas Cup 2022 simply for ‘MmmBap’ and ‘Maca-Rooney’!

Festivity – 5/5

Virality- 5/5

Originality – 5/5


‘‘Tis the FIFA World Cup’


The FIFA World Cup 2022 have released their official campaign, featuring Jon Hamm as Santa… What more could you want?

FIFA have released a series of adverts for their take on the World Cup X Christmas collaboration. Signifying the drama of these two worldly events occurring at the same time,

The campaign lovingly pokes fun at the absurdity of a Winter World Cup, but whilst there has been some controversy surrounding this year’s event, considering its location and time of year, it would seem that the world wants to just celebrate its two favourite ‘holidays’.

FIFA (USA) has brilliantly combined the excitement of the World Cup at Christmas, banking on their favourite Jon Hamm (AKA Hot Santa) to win over the international crowds, and the advert does more than just excite audiences.

Most importantly, could FIFA be dropping subtle hints that the Christmas Queen herself is leading the USA’s World Cup 2022 song? Here’s hoping!

Festivity – 4/5

Virality- 5/5

Originality – 4/5


‘King of the Game’

JD Sports

Vibrant, punchy, perfectly directed to younger demographics, JD Sports are always on brand with their marketing. JD know who to prioritise and what brands to keep central to the campaigns. This Christmas, JD gets to play with not just Christmas presents, but prioritising sports fans, England fans especially, in their latest ‘King of the Game’ advertisement.

For those getting cosy, getting warmed up or ready to feast on a football extravaganza this Christmas, JD has ensured they are THE versatile brand this Christmas. For music fans, footballers or fashion lovers, JD have played their cards expertly, even down to a song that will certainly trend on Spotify or TikTok post-advert.

Festivity – 4/5

Virality- 5/5

Originality – 3/5


‘The Beginner’

John Lewis

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the beloved John Lewis advert. This year, ‘The Beginner’ pulls on our heartstrings like a pro, with John Lewis using their platform to raise awareness for their ‘Happier Futures’ programme.

This Christmas, John Lewis have directed their attention and goals to conscious campaigning, using their platform to build awareness and receptiveness for young people in the Care System. For all of the family driven and heart-warming Christmas classics that John Lewis have released over the years, this particular narrative of found family in supporting children without such homes or families is incredibly resounding.

John Lewis are shifting the norm on what is ‘family’ and uplifting their charitable efforts by way of promoting a foundation to help, rather than distinctive products. Amidst what may be known as a turbulent 2022, John Lewis (amongst other companies) are truly focusing on what matters this Christmas and aren’t afraid to step aside from commercial advertising this campaign.

Consumers and audiences alike often cry for companies to use their platforms for good and John Lewis have more than delivered this year. Focusing on a beautiful narrative that the UK will either reside with or relate with, the campaign delivers an organically talkable message, one that shall certainly last longer than the Festive period.

Festivity – 5/5

Virality- 5/5

Originality – 5/5


‘The Story of Lidl Bear’


Meet a Lidl Bear, sorry we mean Lidl Bear. After being separated from his person, after his quick rise to fame and fortune, Lidl Bear returns home for Christmas, to his favourite girl, his sworn protectee.

Lidl’s advert this Christmas is impeccable, this goes without saying, however the marketing genius need not show in the televised campaign. Commenting on how many Christmas adverts may be cash grabs and easy merch-sales, Lidl, amidst the presumed popularity of the Lidl Bear, the supermarket giant have chosen against selling merchandise of him!

Why would they do such a thing, we hear the shoppers scream, but Lidl know exactly how to market their own ‘backlash’. Lidl’s Christmas advertisement this year coincides with their ‘Toy Bank’ initiative. In order to help families be able to celebrate Christmas amidst the 2022 Cost of Living Crisis, Lidl are focusing on charitable efforts:

‘With the cost-of-living crisis firmly upon us, Christmas this year will be tougher for everyone, not least those that rely on food banks. Neighbourly, a giving platform, have found that 80% of its network of charities would strongly benefit from toys to support their local communities this Christmas, alongside financial support and food donations.’

Lidl Bear has took to our screens this Festive Season to focus on spreading the message of generosity and we, for one, feel there is nothing more important than that, at this time of year.

Festivity – 4/5

Virality- 5/5

Originality – 5/5


‘Have your Elf a Merry Christmas’


He’s in ASDA and he’s SINGING. Buddy the Elf is back in business, the supermarket business actually. ASDA’s 2022 Christmas campaign features a very 2003 Will ‘Buddy the Elf’, carefully edited within a local store, think Audrey Hepburn for Galaxy, only taller, with lots of jolly music and jokes.

The supermarket giant have chosen to introduce Buddy the Elf as a new Christmas temp, one who may tend to get overexcited and distract the other boys and girls, but someone who puts a smile on their customers and colleagues faces.

Why have ASDA chosen to ‘Elf’ of all things this year? Well, to spread festive cheer, firstly of course and also to create magic via VFX. The team behind the campaign (HAVAS London) wanted to bring in a new technical achievement to this year’s set of Christmas adverts, creating a bit of ‘movie magic’ to amp up the fun. Being able to use the ‘Elf-Checkout’ pun, isn’t a half bad strategy either.

Festivity – 5/5

Virality- 5/5

Originality – 4/5


‘The Gift’


Disney are often in a league of their own, and this Christmas they’re proving once again they hold to key to our heartstrings. ‘The Gift’, Disney’s 2022 Christmas Advert, brings back our favourite family, with a baby on the way no less, to spread more of the Mouse’s Christmas joy.

This year, Disney are focusing on a story many of us may understand- change in our family.

Something that was once precious is changing and for some children that may feel like it’s ruined, but Disney reminds us of the caring for each other and the joy of caring for our siblings especially. Heart-warming, safe, and playing to our inner child, with its subtle hints to grabbing a brochure for a Disney Park, it wouldn’t be Disney without a few ‘Easter Eggs’.

This year it feels as though Disney are focusing more on ‘real families’ and real stories, creating relatable narratives that remind some of us of our youth and remind those of us still going through a family change, whether that be a new sibling, parent, home etc, that with a little magical will and by way of our metaphorical or actual older siblings, things will feel okay again!

So, ‘From our Family to Yours’, we think Disney are onto a winner. We know you all secretly love crying to a cracker of a Christmas campaign!

Festivity – 4/5

Virality- 4/5

Originality – 4/5


‘The Giftverse’

Charlotte Tilbury

Finally, DARLINGS! It’s time to roundoff our 2022 Christmas Campaign Favourites, but how could we say bye to 2022 without mentioning the Festive Queen herself, Charlotte Tilbury. She did invite us into her gift giving universe, of course?

The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Giftverse’ series has been running since the beginning of August, prepping all makeup lovers with their long, luxurious Christmas lists, and giving any parents, partners, and pals time to retrieve all the cosmetics their little Christmas angel may need.

Like a day-to-night smoky eye, Charlotte Tilbury aims to excite us all for the Festive Season and begin celebrating this fantastic year, for its up and downs!

Ms Tilbury puts the disco into Chri-Disco-stmas!

Festivity – 5/5

Virality- 4/5

Originality – 3/5


Let’s Create Something Amazing Together

Christmas is a great time for Brands to create some really amazing campaigns that reunite their customers and really bring their brands to life. It’s no wonder that some of them have been in the making for the last 365 days! If you have an idea for a marketing campaign, Christmas or not, get in touch and let’s create something amazing together.

So, with all adverts wrapped up, that leaves us with just one thing left to say… Get your party on and enjoy Christmas 2022!

Posted by Luke on Tuesday 22nd November 2022