DGT Loves… Easter Marketing Round-up 2022

We are flying through this year and can’t believe it’s April already – where is time going? Though we can’t complain, we’re fast approaching Easter which is a favourite holiday for the chocolate-loving team here at DGT! And, with that in mind, we thought the best way to celebrate Easter (other than eating chocolate of course!) was to dedicate this months DGT loves to our favourite Easter marketing campaigns.

As the team here at DGT grows, we’re having more in-depth discussions about which marketing campaigns we are loving (and occasionally hating) and let me tell you – there are certainly some strong opinions. We’re big advocates of celebrating others’ work and admiring the creativity brands and their teams/ agencies put into their marketing. Whether it’s a simple social post or a full-blown campaign, you can always guarantee a fair amount of time and energy has gone into and that’s why we created our DGT series, to showcase the excellent work.

M&S – Kids Eat Free

You can hardly escape the news at the moment, and even if by some miracle you have avoided it, you certainly won’t have avoided the increases in the cost of living. Everything seems to be getting more expensive, energy, petrol, everyday items and even milk is set to increase ten-fold! So, the Easter holidays, and Easter itself probably couldn’t have come at a worse time for families.

Entertaining children for 2 weeks is no mean feat, and costs can easily begin to mount – especially when there are Easter eggs to buy as well. This is why it’s great to see Marks and Spencer launch their “Kids Eat Free” campaign. Running from Monday 4th April to Friday 22nd April, families will be able to get a free kid’s meal with every transaction saving parents across the UK money during a time when every little penny counts.

Kids eat Free poster

Why do we love this? Well, it should be obvious! Marks and Spencer have attracted the attention of customers and the media this Easter for their Dachshund egg, Easter Bunny meets Colin cakes and even their speckled egg pots, but it’s this Kids Eat Free campaign that really draws us to the retail giants. Such a small token can have a massive impact on thousands of families in a time when it’s needed the most. So, whilst there may not be a massive marketing campaign attached to the promotion, it’s certainly big enough for us to love! We love to see brands putting their customers first and giving back, well done M&S.

Cadbury’s – Worldwide Easter Egg Hunt

Every year Cadbury’s launches Worldwide Hide, a virtual Easter egg hunt, where depending on the hider, you may even have a real Easter egg waiting at the end!

This is all just a bit of fun of course and can be kept completely virtual so no purchase of an egg is needed. But it gives you the opportunity to give a token of appreciation to those you love in a slightly different way.

Not only that but for the Worldwide Hide, Cadbury’s has partnered with The Trussell Trust, a charity that supports a nationwide network of food banks. So, for every egg purchased in the Worldwide hunt, one will be donated on your behalf to the Trussell Trust foodbank.

Why do we love this? It’s an experience, rather than just delivering an egg, Cadbury has created a whole experience for the user. It’s immersive and can be personalised so that the hider creates their own clues, and the eggs can be hidden anywhere across the world. So, if you’ve got a special place with someone, you can hide your egg there. Even if it’s in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.

Creating experiences for your customers is vital and will encourage your brand to resonate with them. Take the Worldwide Hide for example, the hunter may remember what a fantastic experience and how thoughtful it was and repay the gesture the following year. Experiences stick and it’s something all brands should consider.

Win Big with Creme Egg

What’s Easter without a Creme egg? With debates on how you eat yours (bite off the top and scoop out the middle, if you’re asking) and how many you can eat in a minute, the beloved Creme Egg has become an Easter staple.

Do we need an excuse to eat copious amounts of Creme Eggs? Probably not, but we’ve got one anyway! Cadbury’s are no strangers when it comes putting big prizes in their creme eggs and 2022 is no exception! This year we’re on the hunt for a unique egg – the half white, half milk chocolate signifies a whopping £10k win. However, there’s a catch, not only are there 146 of them in existence – only 6 of them have the £10k prize attached.

Creme Egg

Our chances may be low, but we’re not ones to pass up a challenge here at DGT. So, if you do see us eating them by the box load – don’t judge!

Why do we love this? What’s the best way to sell more products? Hide £10,000 in the product of course, and whilst that in itself is exciting, they’ve made a product that goes along with the prize unique too. I mean the only way they could make the Creme Egg better is to make half of it out of white chocolate.

Again, another experience from Cadbury’s. Each time you unwrap a Creme Egg it adds a little bit of excitement – what will you get?! A standard egg, a unique one, or £10k?! You just don’t know.

Whilst you don’t have to go to the extremes of hiding £10,000 in your product, launching a competition that creates an air of excitement will, in turn, create excitement for your products and/or services. We see loads of businesses doing the social media competitions that encourage you to like, share and follow – but in more cases than none, as soon as the competition is over, you’ll lose a lot of those followers. Do something different, stand out and most of all create long-standing followers of your brand.

Let’s create something amazing together

We’re a creative bunch here at DGT, the team are always coming up with ideas – big and small and we’d love to share them with you. If you’re looking to create a campaign that stands out, but not sure where to start get in touch. With over 30 years of Marketing experience, the team here at DGT can help you with all your marketing needs whether it’s social, content, PPC, web, lead gen, CRM, automation, and more, we will work with you and your business in order to create some amazing marketing campaigns.

Posted by Xena Graham on Monday 11th April 2022