DGT Loves July

We are officially over half way through 2023, and we’re back again with another DGT Loves! This month, we’re going to be looking through our favourite tv adverts and digital campaigns for July. From pseudo-thrillers selling Samsung smartphones, to condiment craziness by Heinz, and a heartfelt ode to body positivity from Dove – here are the ads we’re loving and hating in another whirlwind of DGT Loves – The July edit.

Heinz – It Has To Be Heinz

Some brands need no introduction, and Heinz is one of them. They have successfully monopolised the condiment sector and have become renowned for their classic ketchup. In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve referenced the condiment kings, as they featured in our April variant of DGT Loves

This month, Heinz is back with yet another fantastic campaign, albeit this time in the form of a TV advert. Akin to their previous ‘It Has To Be Heinz’ campaign from April, Heinz have set their sights on solidifying their reputation as the only option for those looking for a classic ketchup. However, this most recent advert takes things a step further, showcasing customers that aren’t just brand loyal, but Heinz obsessed. The advert shows ketchup fanatics going to extreme lengths to acquire their Heinz fix. From inking the famous bottle across their bodies, to displaying ketchup-themed number plates, to slathering tomato sauce over ice cream – these fanatics will go to any length to express their affection for Heinz ketchup.

We love this advert as a continuation of the ‘It Has To Be Heinz’ saga that acknowledges the popularity this already-established brand has gathered. Heinz isn’t trying to explain why their products are the best. Instead, they are confidently stating that they simply are the best – so much so that they have gathered a cult following comparable to that of a rock band. Simply put, it has to be Heinz.

Samsung – Join The Flip Side

Our next love for DGT Loves July comes in the form of an advert most of us will have seen already. Yet another household name, Samsung, has released a similarly tongue-in-cheek advert this July. However, this time Samsung is promoting their newest release – the Z Flip. Their ‘Join The Flip Side’ advert references the long-term rivalry between iOS and Android users, with the protagonists of the advert vowing to never deviate away from their current phone model. However, the characters of the advert are seemingly gripped by some spell which states that once you cast your gaze over a Samsung Z Flip, you will become so utterly entranced that you simply have to switch to Android. As the advert progresses, that is precisely what happens – almost as a precursor to the gore of a slasher movie, each member of the group is overtaken by the urge to purchase a Z Flip upon seeing its impressive capabilities.

As one of the only foldable smartphones available on the market, Samsung certainly have an impressive USP to push. After all, if Android’s customisable qualities and interface aren’t enough to sway you to the flip side, maybe this modern take on the nostalgic flip phone format will cinch the deal. Their awareness and utilisation of the ongoing battle between loyal iOS and Android users makes for an advert that is both entertaining and reflective of the technological zeitgeist.

Dove – You Are So Beautiful

On a more serious note, Dove has released a television advert which deals with the horrifying impact that social media beauty standards are having on young people. Generation Z are the first group of individuals to be brought up with social media as part of their daily life, with this demographic constantly absorbing information from platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter that sets an ‘ideal’ body type and idea of beauty. Only now are we starting to see how detrimental the long-term effects of social media have been on this generation, which is what Dove seek to highlight in their advert.

This is in line with the beauty brand’s broader messaging of ‘Let’s Change Beauty’ which encourages consumer empowerment rather than setting strict standards for them. In fact, many brands are changing their approach to beauty in this way. From Cult Beauty’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ campaign that fights against editing promotional images to sell beauty products, to razor brand Estrid’s portrayal of all body types and the beauty of being hairy or smooth – the beauty space is becoming increasingly inclusive. 

This Dove campaign pays close attention to Mary, a teenager who has been bombarded by images of the ideal body type since she obtained a smartphone. Like 60% of children, Mary was drastically impacted by the standards set by social media to maintain the the ‘perfect’ figure, resulting in the development of a severe eating disorder which ultimately hospitalised her. It is particularly poignant that this advert was heavily pushed during ad breaks for ITV2 hit show Love Island, which has long been criticised for its portrayal of unattainable beauty standards. This gave the advert maximum impact, creating a dichotomy between reality television and real life which is often lost. 

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Posted by Jenna C on Friday 4th August 2023