DGT Loves… June 2022 Marketing Roundup

There’s been a lot happening over the last month in the world of news, marketing and digital campaigns. And with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and Pride Month all taking place this June, what better opportunity to see how events can shape our marketing strategies.

Pride Marketing Matters

We’ve seen some marketing blunders in our time, but one of the newest challenges a lot of brands face is how they approach marketing strategies when it comes to supporting marginalised groups.

Marketing is all about creating genuine storytelling with an endpoint, and that end typically seeks to hit business objectives. Creating marketing collateral that refers to the Pride Movement is a delicate balance between genuine support for the LGBTQ+ community and, for once, taking a step back from your own brand to speak up on a bigger issue.

In honour of Pride Month, we have collated a list of great Pride-related marketing materials (and a couple of clunkers that stink worse than a MAGA-Pride hat…)

The Good – Fitbit ‘Feel Your Power’

Fitbit’s latest video campaign ‘Feel Your Power’ celebrates diversity and inclusion in a subtle way. Without virtue-signalling, the short clip features wrestlers evocative of Netflix’s ‘GLOW’, pole fitness fanatics and bodyboarders, portrayed by a diverse cast of LGBTQ+ people from different backgrounds.

It’s the kind of representation we need to see, done in a subtle way that ends itself back to Fitbit’s core message.

Creativity score: 3/5

Implementation score: 5/5

The Good – Lego ‘Everyone is Awesome’

For many queer people, their first experiences of intolerance come from childhood, being told what they can and cannot play with. Lego’s products already challenge this societal expectation, and the “Everyone is Awesome” set helps to convey this message perfectly.

Matthew Ashton, VP of Design at Lego, created the “Everyone is Awesome” set founded on his own experiences growing up queer in the 1980s.

The set uses the Pride Progress flag, sending a powerful message of inclusivity and belonging for everyone. We especially love this campaign due to Lego’s pro-LGBTQ+ stance for their employees, stakeholders and customers. They partner with Workplace Pride and Stonewall to help support LGBTQ+ people and allies in the workplace.

Creativity Score: 5/5

Implementation Score: 5/5

The Atrocious – Budweiser

Budweiser-owner Anheuser-Busch has had a mixed bag of messaging when it comes to LGBTQ+ support. Whilst some of their traditional print marketing featured pro-LGBTQ+ messaging quite openly in the past, in recent years, the brand has faced heavy criticism for pandering, and the world-famous gay venue The Stonewall Inn ceremoniously poured bottles of Bud down the drain at the 2021 New York Pride after the parent company contributed to politicians who support anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. ()

The ad we’ve scrutinised however is this; breaking down the LGBTQ acronym to “Let’s Grab Beers Tonight, Queens”. Unnatural in its messaging, the billboard advertising campaign feels like a quick grab to capitalise on a thriving sub-culture within a marginalised group – with the target audience of this ad being gay men.

Yeah, we don’t like it…

Creativity Score: 2/5

Implementation Score: 1/5


One’s Lovin’ It

One of the world’s most instantly-recognisable brands has received a royal makeover!

This multi-channel campaign, spanning across print, digital, television and even packaging, playfully celebrates the Jubilee whilst maintaining the core fundamentals of the brand.

The arrangement of five notes, traditionally whistled at the end of McDonald’s marketing collateral, has been reimagined by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Plus, a brand-new collection of McDonald’s classic product packaging is up for grabs. There is a total of 70 limited edition bone china packaging sets, featuring iconic fries cartons, milkshake cups and of course, the burger clamshell, only available via the McDonald’s app.

This clever multi-channel campaign hits all the touchpoints that we’d expect to see from a dominating player like McDonald’s, but differentiates itself by creating a lucrative offer that encourages users to engage.

Creativity Score: 4/5

Implementation Score: 5/5

Two reigning queens

Often garnering controversy and negative media attention, the Barbie brand has bounced back in recent years, through re-development of their core brand image. By allowing themselves to remain fluid and take inspiration from powerful women depicted in media or history, Barbie-brand owner Mattel have been able to firmly re-position themselves as a conscientious and ethical toy company.

Inspiring young girls all over the world, the latest addition to Barbie’s collection of extraordinary women is none other than the Queen! Her doll joins other inspirational women like Maya Angelou, Florence Nightingale and Dolly Parton, and we can’t wait to see what other diverse, groundbreaking women find themselves receiving a Barbie makeover!

The doll has been a smash hit, selling out in three seconds

Creativity Score: 5/5

Implementation Score: 4/5


We love silly headlines, puns and dad jokes. So, when we saw the nation’s most polarising brand, Marmite, simply change one letter of their product to create the perfect silly pun, you can’t hate it!

The Ma’amite spread features a Union Jack over the logo, but the brand still remains recognisable to unsuspecting buyers who may glance twice! Back in 2012, Marmite undertook a similar reinvention for the Diamond Jubilee. We also have to admit that we love the play on words on the front label, which “toasts” to the Queen, which is a slight play on words to honour the nation’s favourite – or, least favourite – snack, marmite on toast.

Creativity Score: 3/5

Implementation Score: 3/5


If Marmite isn’t quite to your taste, but you’re looking for a quintessentially British food or drink item to celebrate Her Majesty’s reign, look no further than LamQueeni! Whilst we’d never put the Royals and cheap Perry together, this silly rebrand comes in gold, silver and rose gold (wait, no platinum?), finished with bunting and a pink Union Jack flag.

It’s no Gin and Dubonnet, but it’ll surely do the trick when raising a toast!

Creativity Score: 4/5

Implementation Score: 2/5

GA4 Updates

Now, for something a little more technical! If you do a lot of work with data analytics, website performance or search engine optimisation, you may already know that Google Analytics is changing.

If you connected your website (also known as a property to Google) to Analytics after October 2020, you’ll almost certainly be utilising Google Analytics 4. If you haven’t already done so, this is the perfect time to migrate over.

Now for the bad news… Universal Analytics is totally different to GA4. That means that all of your old data will not carry over into the new Analytics system, and you will need to start collecting data again. Don’t put off switching; it’s better to know this information now, rather than later when you’re forced to migrate to the new system.

Customer Attraction

No business would survive if the only people talking to them were Companies House or the Tax Man. Without good customer attraction, your incredible products or services won’t be seen by the outside world.

That’s why the Demand Generation Team has put together a plethora of Customer Attraction ideas, aimed at helping your business attract new leads and sales opportunities for your funnel.

Get the low down on Customer Attraction tactics and strategy on our blog!

Spaghetti Junction

And finally, time for something silly! Us Brummies know our way around our rather complex road network, especially the iconic-yet-terrifying Spaghetti Junction. To celebrate the interchange’s 50th anniversary, Heinz released a limited edition run of 500 tins of spaghetti, labelled with Gravelly Hill iconography.

They all sold out in a day and can only be found on eBay, at nearly £200 a can… that’s some expensive spaghetti on toast!
Creativity Score: 5/5
Implementation Score: 5/5

Posted by Luke on Friday 10th June 2022