DGT Loves… May!

As we bid May adieu, it’s time to reflect on this month’s most impressive marketing campaigns. There have been more than a few that have piqued our interest. From astonishing feats of creativity by Oatly, nods to Napoleonic warfare to sell CBD, and funky funeral directors, here’s DGT Loves May!

Oat So Good

We’re starting our DGT Loves May edition with our favourite TikTok advertisement yet! As marvellous as TikTok may be at providing users with quick snippets of entertainment and information, it takes something extraordinary to hold our attention for more than 10 seconds. That’s why Oatly’s most recent campaign is so magnificent. The advert is 1 minute and 34 seconds long, which far exceeds the recommended advertising length on TikTok of 15 seconds. In the clip, Oatly takes viewers on a seemingly endless journey through ‘Oats In The Multiverse’. Simply put, this mind-boggling advert delves deeper and deeper into the minutia of an exquisitely drawn Oatly-themed universe. From a couple skiing on oat milk slopes to a space cat sipping on coffee to a metropolis based on dairy-free milk products, this advert is akin to a fever dream come to life. If it hasn’t graced your TikTok FYP yet, we definitely recommend watching it below:


Oats in the multiverse @vaskange

♬ original sound – Oatly

A CBD Revolution

For much of the public, the mention of CBD draws reactions of scepticism thanks to its association with cannabis, despite being an entirely separate product with different benefits. As such, CBD brands have been trying their utmost to encourage dubious consumers to explore the many benefits of the touted miracle product. Cannaray is one such brand on a mission to get members of the public to set aside their preconceptions about CBD and simply give it a try, which is what they promote in the most recent Claudia Winkleman-led advertising campaign.

During the advert, two versions of a CBD revolution are displayed. The first is a quasi-Napoleonic war scenario wherein CBD-promoting individuals ride on horseback, bringing CBD to the people. Then, Winkleman presents an alternative – simply trying CBD drops. No fuss. Merely using the drops to see what you think. By promoting this ‘moderate revolution’, Cannaray take the fear out of CBD use by suggesting that it isn’t as extreme or daunting as you’d assume. Plus, having a trusted celebrity on-screen that is seen during the advert taking the CBD drops similarly helps to destigmatise the product. We love this advert for its utilisation of humour to make CBD more accessible – check it out below:

The Advent Of Refillable Products

Refillable products are nothing new, but they have certainly increased in popularity over the last month. Adverts promoting these eco-friendly products can be seen across all forms of media – from Smol’s new TV advert showing a flurry of plastic waste catapulting itself out of a washing machine, to Dior’s more reserved influencer-led advertisements for the industry’s first refillable mascara. The growing popularity of refillable items comes as brands of all price points have adopted the sustainability trend that has become increasingly important to millennial and Gen-Z consumers. Nielsen reports that 75% of millennials have changed their purchasing habits to favour more sustainable products and support greener businesses. It seems as if huge brands such as Dior are jumping on this eco-friendly trend to appeal to younger consumers, maintain relevance in an increasingly competitive beauty market, and boost their green credentials. Whatever a brand’s motivation for more sustainable innovations may be, we’re glad to see sustainable campaigns increase in popularity. We hope other brands follow suit to create more environmentally conscious products and advertising campaigns.

Dead-Funny Campaigns

In the many months of creating DGT Loves, we’ve never applauded a funeral director’s marketing campaign. In fact, we’re unsure if we’ve ever stumbled across funeral advertising – after all, planning a funeral isn’t exactly the type of fun consumerism we’re used to seeing. That was until we saw Poppy’s Funeral Director’s latest campaign. The London-based funeral director has certainly created a name for themselves thanks to their unusual yet refreshing approach to what would usually be deemed ‘morbid’. The business is exquisitely branded, has its own Instagram following, and is renowned for its modern approach to the generally outdated traditions that form the majority of 21st Century funeral services.

Poppy's Funeral Directors Advert

Their latest campaign has adopted a more tongue-in-cheek tactic to funeral planning, claiming that “1861 called. They want their funeral traditions back.” Besides setting Poppy’s out as an unmistakably modern funeral director in their approach to death and willingness to approach this dark subject, this campaign is a fantastic way of demonstrating to the public that Poppy’s does things differently. After all, when planning a funeral, you likely don’t want to hold a generic affair – you’d want to create a memorable, special and unique ceremony that celebrates life. We commend Poppy’s for its frank approach to marketing a service that none of us wants to use, but with humour and honesty.

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