DGT Loves November

It’s Christmaaaas! Well, almost. But before we start to rip open our advent calendars, put up our Christmas trees, and begin the inevitable panic buying for presents, it’s time to reminisce over the best marketing efforts of the past month. That’s right – it’s already time for DGT Loves November, and we’ve rounded up the three finest pieces of advertising you may have missed from the past month. From brands obsessing over chicken, to businesses taking to the streets to promote their oats, to songs in aid of fish preservation – here’s what we’ve been loving this November. 

Oatly’s Guerilla Marketing 

If you’ve left the house in over the past few months, chances are you’ve come across some form of Oatly’s guerilla marketing. It’s nothing new – the brand has been dedicated to creating off-the-wall, niche advertising that sets them apart from their competitors since the pandemic, and they have achieved great success as a result. Throughout November, their marketing efforts have showed little signs of stopping, with their latest ads fusing moving objects with painted murals to bring together tongue-in-cheek slogans. Our personal favourite here at DGT is their mural stating “is this a piece of art or one of those oat drink ads?”. This is amusingly self-aware, going beyond a mere promotion of a product and instead musing on the form of the marketing itself. Part-irony, part-fourth-wall-break, Oatly are creating marketing efforts that truly leave a lasting impression.

KFC’s Chicken

There’s nothing more Christmassy than mince pies, sprouts, and a hefty slice of turkey – which spells bad news for chicken pioneers KFC. In fact, the brand has come under insurmountable pressure to release a turkey burger in lieu of their classic chicken variant in order to commemorate the festive season. Now that festive season is approaching, demands for KFC to transition into KFT have peaked, and have the brand given in to customer pressure? Quite the opposite – they’ve actually doubled down, quite literally, by creating a two-tiered chicken burger with a number of festive additions. Apparently, turkey burgers just weren’t their style. We love this advert for its subversive nature: KFC clearly states that they don’t believe the customer is always right, especially when it comes to deviating from their staunch chicken-based morals. There’s no sight of pandering here…

Bjork and Rosalia’s Song For Fish

People in the DGT office are sick of me blabbering on about my love of Icelandic goddess Bjork, but this time it’s *actually* marketing related. Oftentimes we see celebrities endorsing beauty brands, taking sponsorships for fast food companies, and sneakily implementing brand placement in their music videos – but not Bjork. When she managed to re-discover one of her old songs from the late 1990’s entitled Oral, she decided to use it as a means of promoting a cause that means something to her: halting commercial fish farming across Iceland. Is the song remotely related to Icelandic farming practices? Absolutely not. Do I believe Bjork and her collaborator Rosalia are using a protest against intensive fish farming to promote a new release? Again, absolutely not. However, there is a brilliance to pairing a single release with a good cause, with both aspects benefiting from the promotion of the other. If that’s not clever marketing, no matter how inadvertent or perhaps unintentional, I don’t know what is. 

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Posted by Jenna C on Tuesday 12th December 2023