DGT Loves October

It’s officially spooky season! Get your pumpkin carving kits at the ready, have your creepiest costumes to hand, and get ready for DGT Loves October!

Over the past month, the DGT team have eagerly had our eyes glued to their TV’s, laptops and smartphones on the lookout for the very best adverts worth bringing to your attention. Not all of our favourite adverts have been particularly spooky, but they all have something in common – humour. Without further ado, here are the three adverts that have piqued our interest this month!

Heinz – Too Good To Leave Behind

Heinz have long been a mainstay in DGT Loves, and with good reason. The British condiment and tinned goods giant are consistently releasing high quality adverts to maintain their monopoly over the beans and ketchup industry. 

In their most recent advert, viewers follow a saddened holiday goer as he vacations abroad. Sounds wonderful right? Wrong. Our protagonist instead spends his time sobbing his holiday away – crying on the beach, spluttering at karaoke, and weeping in the all-inclusive pool. It is unclear why our protagonist is so downtrodden in such an enviable setting, but all is revealed by the end of the advert: his suitcase of Heinz beans didn’t make it to the airport. 

The DGT team love the bizarre suspense in this advert as first-time watchers anticipate why the protagonist is sobbing on such a luxe resort, followed by the comic relief of uncovering the real reason. What’s more, this is an advert that just keeps on giving: upon first viewing, the audience are left questioning the reason for the character’s tears, but on second viewing, the audience can understand the comic aspect of the advert from the very beginning. Heinz have very cleverly reminded their audience that there truly is no alternative to their product range as they continue to be the first choice brand for many consumers searching for their next beans-on-toast fix. 

EE – Switch Off, Drift Off

This latest advert by EE showcases the capabilities of their EE Home WiFi, especially as it pertains to parents limiting their children’s internet access past their bedtime. It’s just past 7pm on a school night, and children across the UK are preparing to get tucked into bed… or at least they are, if their parents and guardians are with EE. Disgruntled children across the nation begin to bounce around their homes in a state of pre-bedtime mania to the classic track Insomnia by Faithless before they tucker themselves out and get peacefully carried to bed by their dutiful parents. 

This hilarious vision of raving, hyperactive children is the perfect way for EE to market their new WiFi controls – all parents can undoubtedly relate to the fixation their children have with their phones, tablets and laptops, and tantrums that can be thrown when they are told they should put them down for bed. In this ad, EE wants to show parents that they can give them simple, quick control over their children’s devices to limit these tantrums and avoid the mania of the bedtime routine. 

McDonald’s – Change A Little, Change A Lot

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d travelled back to the 80’s when the latest McDonald’s advert comes on TV. Modelled as a Teletext advert, this unique advert is a blast from the past, stating that the fast-food chain have been using British beef since ‘you were booking your holidays on here’. There’s no images of McDonald’s food, no Monopoly promotion, no fast-paced action: just pure nostalgia. In fact, the ad is so slow-paced it may as well be a paper advert, with the entire 30 seconds consisting of just three different frames. It certainly makes a change from the action packed modern adverts we’re used to seeing on our screens.

This advert went down an absolute treat in my household, with my family telling me they ‘remembered booking Teletext holidays back in the day’ – which is precisely why this advert has made it to DGT Loves October, just as their adverts have before. By harkening back to something nostalgic, McDonald’s, are able to create a sense of warm emotion with their adverts as viewers of a certain demographic are encouraged to reminisce. This sense of nostalgia is also a fantastic way for McDonald’s to convey the length of time in which they have been using 100% British and Irish beef, showing just how long the brand has been ahead of the curve.

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Posted by Jenna C on Friday 3rd November 2023