DGT Loves – September Marketing Round Up

Welcome to our new blog series, DGT Loves… September Edition. A marketing round up of all our favourite campaigns!

We love to learn here at DGT and are always on the lookout for inspiration and admiring the creativity of our fellow marketers. Every day we see campaigns and creatives that blows us away and it’s for that very reason we’ve created this new monthly blog series. We want to showcase the creativity and share with you our favourite marketing campaigns each month, why we love them and what we can learn, if anything, from them.

Money Heist’s viewer heist

This one is for all the Money Heist fans out there, and lord knows there’s a lot! On the run-up to the release of the much-anticipated Volume 1 of the last series, the franchise decided to treat a group of lucky viewers to a special screening of the series in Madrid… or so they thought.

With around 12.5% of all online conversations of Money Heist being spoilers, Netflix decided to take matters into their own hands. The streaming giants partnered with Publicis Italy to take 100 of the show’s biggest fans (who just so happen to be the biggest spoiler makers too) on a flight to Madrid for a special screening of the first 5 episodes of the new series. However, once they were in the air and with phones in airplane mode, it was only then they realised the screening was inflight.

This was genius from Netflix, holding fans hostage with the aircrew dressed up in Money Heist gear was not only in keeping with the show itself, but it meant that those in the air were unable to spoil the plot for others watching at their own pace on the morning of release.

We love this because it created a once in a lifetime experience for all those involved and certainly got people talking about the series – even more than they already were! It’s creative, fun and a little cheeky too. As you can see, not everyone on the flight was happy about it… check it out for yourself

Experiential Marketing – 4/5 stars

Brand – 5/5 stars

Shareability – 3/5 stars

Sky teams up with Cop26 for #GameZero

With the upcoming Cop26 conference, it’s great to see the conference coming into the mainstream by partnering up with Sky for the world’s first Net Zero football match. The match, taking place on 19th September will see Tottenham Hot Spur take on Chelsea in #GameZero.

In order for the game to be net-zero, the organisers will look to minimise emissions where possible, including reducing the energy used to power the game, encouraging public travel for all fans, and offering more sustainable dietary options on the day. However, at this time it’s impossible to reduce all emissions and so Sky is also working with Natural Capital Partners to offset any emissions through carbon sinks, reforestation and creating new UK native Woodlands.

So why is this important, and what has football got to do with it? Well, first of all, it’s impossible to escape the devastating effects of climate change. We are seeing an increase in hot weather, flash floods, wildfires and storms all over the world and the global average temperature looks set to exceed the 1.5degree limit as soon as 2028/29.

The extreme weather conditions are already having an impact on Football too with games often being cancelled due to adverse weather and in the 2015/16 season, Carlisle was forced out of their ground for 49 days due to Storm Desmond which resulted in £200,000 in damages.

More than just a game

Not only this but the messages behind GameZero are pretty powerful; in the time it takes to play one match, 5000 people will be forced out of their homes due to climate-related disasters, and every second, one football pitch size of the forest is lost. That’s 5400 football pitches of tree cover lost every match.

So, this game is hugely important, especially ahead of the Cop26 conference taking place in November which will see leaders from all over the world united to discuss the current climate and what actions can be taken towards accelerating the Paris Climate Agreement.

Sky has also enlisted the help of Jamie Redknapp and Mark Wright for an advert promoting the match. In the 1-minute clip, the cheeky duo can be seen commentating on families’ efforts to reduce their carbon emissions with the message “small changes, big results”

We love this campaign, because not only is it something we are hugely passionate about here at DGT, but it also paves the way for sports, in general, to go net-zero whilst highlights the importance of acting against climate change.


Responsible Marketing – 4/5 stars

Inclusivity – 3/5

Brand – 5/5 stars

Bravery Factor – 2/5 stars

Macmillan cause a stir  

Weetabix was once again the center of a social media debate and this time it was thanks to the lovely folks over at Macmillan Cancer Support, who caused a stir by including the breakfast favourite in their biscuit (yes, you read that correctly) rating chart. You can see the scandalous post below:

We knew Macmillan had lost the plot when they put custard creams at the bottom of the barrel, but who on earth is eating Weetabix’s like biscuits?! Well, you can imagine the uproar this caused on Twitter with both Weetabix and Macmillan instantly becoming trending topics.

It wasn’t long before other brands waded in, with some offended (and rightly so) at their rankings, or lack of. Check out some of our favourites’:


At DGT, we love this kind of controversial social media. It’s fun, gets people talking, debating, and even threatening to report crimes against humanity and including other brands, it becomes collaborative, so it’s always interesting to see how they will respond. But most of all it very cleverly raised awareness for their upcoming annual coffee morning.

The annual coffee morning is celebrated by many businesses, charities, and individuals all over Great Britain who come together to offer cakes in their masses in a bid to raise money for the cancer support charity. It’s a great event for anyone hosting and this tweet certainly got people talking about it with their subtle hashtag usage.

Shareability – 5/5 stars

Brand – 5/5 stars

Controversy – 3/5 stars

Let’s create something amazing together

So, there we have it. Those are our favourite campaigns/ marketing moments for this month. If you, your brand or your business are trying to make a splash without breaking the bank and want to create something eye-catching like the campaigns we’ve mentioned, get in touch with us. We love to get creative here at DGT so let’s create something amazing together!

Posted by Helen Brookes on Monday 27th September 2021