DGT Loves… January

Ready to unwrap the latest Marketing Trends in Jan 2023? Firstly Happy New Year to you all! Can you believe we’re already at the end of January? It’s shaping up to be a doozy of a year, and we’ve already seen some fantastic marketing initiatives from B2B and B2C brands that have caught out attention for their originality and ingenuity and were only at the end of Jan!

To help Sales and Marketing Teams kick off 2023 with some inspiration, we’ve highlighted some key Marketing Trends for Jan 2023, trends we expect to see this year. If you missed it, here’s a little round-up:

  • We can see the rise of social media and influencer marketing – TikTok will keep growing, and influencers will keep pouting!
  • Expect to see more and more video content on your social feeds in 2023: 86% of firms use video as a marketing tool. One of the finest strategies for marketing to engage with a broader audience is the power of a fantastic video campaign. It is worth noting that authenticity is still a key trend, so maybe put the filters away for now!
  • Value based blogs and SEO content aren’t going anywhere! Strong written content remains a cornerstone of social media content and web performance, as it has done for years. Blogging (and vlogging) has been used for this long because it is effective, and content marketing is predicted to keep growing through 2023 with more focus on the commercial impact of content in the Sales and Marketing funnel.

Anyway, enough about marketing predictions. Let’s see what brands have been doing and what we have been loving this January! Without further ado, let’s begin our first DGT Loves edition of 2023!

Airbnb – Boombastic                                                                              

With their new marketing campaign “made possible by hosts”, Airbnb upped their game in 2022. DGT’s personal favourite of 2022 was Baecation, which features an elderly couple spending time together at a holiday home in Spain with Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s top hit “03 Bonnie & Clyde” as the soundtrack. What’s more loveable than an elderly couple in love on holiday?

Airbnb has continued its “Made Possible by Hosts” campaign and released its recent success story, Boombastic. This short film shows a group of friends spending their days on the slopes, skiing and snowboarding and enjoying a meal in their Airbnb, all while Bombastic from Shaggy plays in the background! Airbnb has finished this by showing their “skiing” category on their app. Consumers are looking to combat those January Blues by booking their holiday and having something to look forward to in the year! Heading to the alps is a popular destination as you can spend your morning skiing and your afternoon in Après!

Why do we love this? and why has it made it into our list of Marketing Trends for Jan 2023? Airbnb has breathed new life into a familiar campaign with a seasonal feel; they’ve also perhaps extended their market away from the traditional “city break” they’re most known for – linking the campaign to practical, actionable steps that their ‘buyers’ can take within their app and specifically showcasing categories for easy use. Coupled with a genuine, feel-good FOMO cast and a throwback to the musical soundtrack that few would be unfamiliar with is a sure-fire win in our book.

Spotify Wrapped

The annual Spotify Wrapped has returned! (well did return in December) The app collects user’s data and allows music lovers to reminisce over the past twelve months of tunes before sharing their listening habits with friends, family or social media.

Spotify Wrapped is a breakdown of your top artists, musical genres, and podcast plays. The campaign provides listeners with a snapshot of their listening habits. It presents best-in-class examples of how marketing teams should harness data, provide consumers value, and generate tailored content for each user.

In addition to the end-of-the-year Spotify Wrapped, Spotify has just launched a Musical Time Capsule called “Playlist in a Bottle”. Users can record their current musical selves and relieve them a year later. The Playlist in a Bottle a year from now. This in-app experience ensures that users will return to this a year from now; Spotify is becoming a hub for nostalgia and is expected to grow as big as Spotify Wrapped!

Why do we love this? and why has it made it into our Marketing Trends for Jan 2023? With Spotify Wrapped, consumers get a personalised experience and increase customer engagement. It enables users to reflect on the year that has passed and appears to be growing more and more, as seen by the 461% increase in tweet volume between 2020 and 2021. The fact that Spotify Wrapped hasn’t changed since 2016 and continues to gain popularity on social media each year because of the sense of ritual it brought, makes it the ideal example of marketing consistency.

Prime Energy Drink

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..the perhaps unexpected inclusion of KSI and Logan Paul in a blog about Marketing Trends for Jan 2023. Prime Energy Drink has gone viral – with teenagers (and adults alike) desperate to get their hands on a bottle! YouTubers and boxers KSI and Logan Paul released their drink. Prime, in the UK at the end of last year, and people still need help finding this drink in stores. This new viral drink has taken over the internet, with demand so high that people have been queuing  outside shops at 6 am to get their hands on some Prime. Bottles have been found on eBay for thousands of pounds. Is this energy drink worth that much? Doubt it – but it’s made waves online and in physical retail spaces.

Exclusivity and scarcity are the keys to this campaign’s success, with KSI and Logan Paul only choosing certain Aldi’s in the UK to stock Prime. The feuding social media stars turned business partners have created significant hype for their product launch by making Prime such an exclusive drink and building up the hype around the product with their boxing matches and YouTube videos, which their younger audience has resonated with. Prime has been marketed in many ways thanks to KSI and Logan Paul’s impressive audience and status as cross-platform influencers. Every video reaction, Tweet or Tik Tok that has gone viral has contributed to the hype surrounding Prime.

These Prime drinks aren’t selling out in every supermarket because they’re exceptional products – it’s because of the appeal to KSI and Logan Paul.

Why do we love it? Logan Paul and KSI were perfectly aware of their target audience through the marketing stunts they used to promote Prime, and they changed their entire marketing strategy to appeal to them. Logan Paul uses a variety of dramatic advertising videos to promote Prime, such as a monkey spontaneously stealing a bottle of Prime from his bag in South Africa. Although he said he didn’t plan it, in an episode of the “BFFs” podcast, he said, “the moment he took the Prime out of the bag, I knew this was going to be the best video on the effing planet”. This dramatic advertising is precisely what their followers and fans want.


The TikTok video shows it all – the craze around this product is unbelievable, and it’s a great example of harnessing the power of multiple social channels in conjunction with personality followings to deliver results. Although all fads end at some point, it will be interesting to see how these YouTubers continue with their brand in 2023 and if whether they’ll continue to employ similar tactics for future products.

Let’s Create Something Amazing Together

It’s now 2023, and with the New Year’s excitement comes the time for a marketing reboot! Unique, creative and fully integrated campaigns not only help your brand stand out in a crowded market, but with great content, connected MAP and CRM, and an insightful social strategy, we’re here to help you do something truly extraordinary.

Posted by Beth Emms on Friday 3rd February 2023