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Content Marketing

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There's A New King In Town

Content, Content, Content – it’s everywhere and according to some, it’s king!

Whether it’s wearing a crown or not, it’s essential for any team that want to drive real engagement with potential clients regardless of where they are in your sales cycle. Insightful or informative, entertaining or emotional great content can attract the right type of buyers directly to your business, starting a conversation with your brand way before any of your competitors.

Good content can give you and your business a clear edge in today’s competitive world with 64% of the most successful organisations using content to “Generate sales/Revenue” according to the 2021 Content Marketing Institute annual report. It’s critical to attracting you buyers and giving them what they want – help, entertainment, ideas and resources – and they want it fast!

Stories are a powerful content marketing tool and so we think you might like this one…

2 Jewellery gift manufacturers are gearing up to go head to head, both are competing for top spot on page 1, both have impressive social feeds and followings and yet…

Manufacturer 2 creates an epic blog about “The best presents for Mum” pulling in real world feedback from their clients on some of their products and worked hard to optimise it to appear naturally at the top of organic search – the results? Our friends at Manufacturer 2 have just opened up a world of buyers who weren’t even thinking about jewellery and now they’re seeing a massive uplift in sales…that’s the power of good content.

Content That Delivers

Our network of skilled writers, videographers and social superstars span many industries and work with you to deliver intuitive content both bite sized and long format that cuts through the noise and drives engagement with your buyers.

From simple email copy and engaging nurtures to insightful content that speaks to the heart of your buyers needs before they’ve even heard of you to persuasive sales content that helps your team convert more deals we want to help!