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Forget Management - Think Experience

Ask most sales teams how they feel about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and you’re likely to get a (very) mixed response. We generalise but most high performing sales people don’t have a natural affinity for data management, let alone detailed forecasting. Ask most management teams about their Sales team’ organisation and time management…well you’re likely to hear a very mixed answer – and yet there’s always more to be done. Time for a better way…

A well-honed CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is invaluable to all of us and yet we rarely drive as much value from our data or insight as we could. Worse still many businesses struggle to understand the value of the data they have in their own CRM and lack the ability to predict revenue or demand from within their own organisation. Often CRM becomes nothing more than an expensive place to store data or find a phone number instead of the engine room of your funnel.

The Best Approach for Your Customers and Sales Team

Effective CRM management should not only give your sales team the power to predict their own performance but enable business leaders to predict revenue and give their customers a personalised, 1-2-1 experience whilst driving efficiency and cost savings to boot.

Salesforce, Dynamics, Hubspot, Marketo, Zoho and the list goes on –  the choice is pretty varied but regardless of your platform CRM should be driving growth not groans from your teams.

With a few simple steps we can help you start to transform CRM from a dumping ground to a highly effective Demand Generation tool – helping you to track, measure and improve both Marketing and Sales performance across your organisation. If you’re just getting started with CRM then talk to us about how to really drive adoption within your business, shortcut the groans and start to see results.