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PPC is evolving - are you?

PPC is dead

Let’s start with some quick myth busting…PPC as many of us knew it is dead.

Not only has Google evolved at speed but Quality scores, Relevance and Intent have a much bigger part to play in today’s PPC Agency world. Modern sales and marketing pro’s will be focused on the actual impact that PPC has on both funnel and revenue whilst fully recognising that PPC has evolved to cover a much broader range of channels and actions:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video (Pre Roll and Instream)
  • Remarketing (across platforms)
  • Google Shopping
  • And the list goes on…

Drive Revenue, Not Clicks

At the Demand Generation Team we start with an in depth audit of your existing performance and unlike many PPC agencies that focus solely on the top-line volumes we deep dive into your sales results to help you determine what’s really performing for you, not just what’s driving clicks and forms – what’s actually driving sales – it’s what sets us apart as a Demand Generation led PPC agency.

Working closely with your teams we’ll design and execute an effective media strategy to deliver you with real revenue not just headline numbers. That could mean a combination of Search, Display, Shopping and Remarketing campaigns, or pure new business acquisition via search.

According to Google

In the words of Google themselves “Every time they (buyers) turn to their devices for answers, they’re expressing intent and reshaping the traditional marketing funnel along the way.

Ads also need to evolve with these expectations. Successful advertisers work to close the gap by creating different segments of customers and building personalized and relevant experiences for each stage of the customer journey. Being useful and relevant is the only way to get customers to tune in”

At the Demand Generation Team we couldn’t agree more – it’s not enough to drive a great click through rate if those clicks never convert or those form fills never turn into revenue. That’s why we work with all of our clients to implement deep tracking, goals and web events to ensure that we track, measure and optimise performance.

Useful and Relevant - PPC Keys

To help our clients maximise their return from any PPC spend, be it Shopping, Video, Display, Search or Text we always start with the customer – what is it that they really want when they’re searching and how can we be as relevant as possible?

Using a mix of tactics and careful attention to detail in the way we both structure your ad accounts and build high performing campaigns – we turn standard keyword campaigns into highly relevant conversion tools.

With built in AI and intelligent learning tools as part of our toolkit we optimise at every stage of the funnel to ensure that your campaigns perform at all levels.

If you’re searching (PPC joke!) for better performance give us a call today, we’d love to help.

As a new business PPC was a big part of our launch strategy and from day one we could see the results. By month 3 The Demand Generation Team were delivering 1100% ROAS for us.

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