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SEO - Search Optimisation: Get found, get results

Search Optimisation

Clever thinking, better results

Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise abbreviated to simply ‘SEO’, can make or break a business’ performance. Simply put, if you can’t get found, how can you achieve the results you’re looking for? Here at DGT, SEO is one of the core marketing strategies we pursue alongside our clients to boost awareness and drive results.

Be Found

SEO helps customers find your site via targeted keywords, with Google ranking keyword-rich pages for visibility. But it’s so much more than that - SEO's intricacies span local and global search, linking, content quality, and sophisticated keyword tactics.

Long-Term Value

The value of SEO stems from growth in organic channels. Whilst Pay Per Click (PPC) yields rapid results, SEO stabilises over time. Mastering your buyer’s behaviours and delivering valuable content are core to impactful SEO.

Creating Valuable Content

Search engines reward unique, valuable and relevant content optimised exceptionally for chosen keywords – but it’s much more than stuffing keywords in wherever you please. It includes elegant copy, meaningful linked content and useful resources that are aligned with your clients’ and customers’ needs.

SEO In A Nutshell

In essence, search engine optimization is ensuring that your audience of prospective customers can find you when they need you. Specific words and phrases are targeted and implemented across pages online. This encourages the Google algorithm to give your pages preference when those keywords and phrases are searched for. The aim is for your webpage to rank as high as possible for the relevant keywords, as this boosts your visibility and increases the chance of people interacting with your business.

Even here on this web page, the DGT team has optimised for keywords and phrases that matter to us. So, when potential clients search for terms such as ‘SEO agency’ and ‘seo marketing agency uk’, their search should lead them to us. Sounds simple, right? We wish…

Instead, search engine optimization is far more complex than many assume. Marketing professionals have to navigate both local SEO and broader search, link to other web pages of authority, avoid page cannibalisation, understand search volume and be aware of keyword difficulty – all while ensuring that content and web pages are engaging and actually useful. In many ways, SEO is an elaborate balancing act. But when done properly it reaps transformative rewards for businesses.

Value That Lasts

As buyers, we are sceptical cynics when it comes to sponsored and advertised posts that appear at the top of our search. Our initial instinct is to recoil at the idea that we are being sold something, with many preferring to skip to the natural rankings in search of a more genuine offering. For Sales and Marketing teams looking for better ROI, SEO is a key strategy to adopt that outperforms PPC for low cost results that last and convert better.

If PPC is the hare, then SEO optimization is the tortoise that wins the race: it’s steady, always on and constant. Aside from ensuring your website is technically performing for you, the key is to really understand your buyers. Specifically, you want to understand what they are searching for and why, so that you can optimise with real, valuable content that attracts them at the right time. A good SEO strategy will unsurprisingly far outlast PPC and whilst it’s not a constant and requires maintenance, ranking organically will certainly pay dividends.

Much like  PPC, your SEO journey should start with a “wishlist” of traffic you’d love to have – the type of traffic that really converts and impacts your bottomline. From this, the DGT team will thoroughly assess the thousands of searches that happen every hour and shortlist groups of keywords and phrases that you can start to rank for. This forms the basis of an SEO and content strategy  that can set you on a trajectory to improved rankings and greater success.

The Value Of SEO

Any good SEO strategy should focus on where you can provide real value and relevance for your potential buyers. In the past, SEO professionals could get away with creating inelegant keyword clusters that certainly ticked a lot of SEO boxes, but read absolutely horrifically. Now, Google rewards unique and valuable content that does not merely include the keywords you’re hoping to rank for: it detects and rewards elegant copy, relevant links, and useful assets. To create valuable SEO-driven copy, we can help by creating new content that speaks to the heart of your client needs, refreshing web copy to align better with how you want to be found, or creating a better on-page experience.

SEO Success

A five-step process


Keywords, competitors, and rankings


Keyword reviews, grouping and selecting


Scheduling content & prioritising tasks


Writing and building of planned content


Review content and optimise to maintain relevance

Client Case Study

One of our clients, an established property business across the Midlands, has experienced exceptional SEO growth with the help of DGT. With such extreme competition in the local property market between agents, it was important for our client to focus on their SEO to ensure that customers searching for valuations, investment opportunities or their next home came across their website first. 

DGT implemented a new SEO strategy which consisted of extensive competitor research and keyword analysis to discover where the business could improve and which new pages and content were necessary to improve search rankings. By creating a combination of long and short-form content, making new web pages, and improving existing web pages, we were able to successfully improve our rankings for our target SEO keywords.In just seven months, this client has seen their visibility boosted from 16.5% to up to 60% thanks to our comprehensive SEO strategy. As a result, their website traffic has increased tenfold, and their average position has improved by 38 places. This has had a tangible impact on our client, allowing them to generate more leads, more sales, and more revenue, which is itself a testament to the power of SEO.

The DGT Difference

Here at DGT, we take the time to understand what the web really needs to do for you and how to shape, mould and create content to help you achieve your goal. Before we start to optimise your website, we take care to understand what you want: we take time to understand the origins of your business, what makes it special and unique, and what your goals for your business are. We can craft our SEO strategy to produce the leads and sales you want to propel your business to new heights – that’s the DGT difference.