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Value That Lasts

Believe it or not as buyers we are cynical, even skeptical, about those ads at the top of page one of Google – naturally we think ‘hold on these people are trying sell me something’ and like the old adage goes we all love to buy but hate to be sold – preferring to skip to the natural rankings in search of a more genuine offering.

Yes position one will pick up traffic but we all know it doesn’t come cheap and more importantly it’s a constant drain on media spend – turn it off or down and leads often follow the same pathway.

For Sales and Marketing teams looking for better ROI then SEO – Search Optimisation is a key strategy to adopt, evolving organic search to outperform PPC for results that last and convert better.

If PPC is the hare then optimisation is the tortoise that wins the race – steady, always on and constant. Aside from ensuring your website is technically performing for you the key is to really understand your buyers, how and why they’re searching and optimise with real, valuable content that attracts them at the right time.

Strength that lasts

A good SEO strategy will unsurprisingly far outlast PPC and whilst it’s not a constant and needs maintenance ranking organically will pay dividends.

Why? Well, we all search in different ways with different words and different phrases and good SEO – Search Optimisation is designed to capture as much of this type of traffic as possible, bringing buyers that are looking for you (or at least your type of product/solution) to your door.

Much like PPC SEO should start with a “wishlist” of traffic you’d love to have – the type of traffic that really converts and impacts your bottomline. Using your wish list we’ll assess the thousands of searches that happen every hour and shortlist groups of keywords and phrases that you can start to rank for.


Why and When Your Buyers Search

What do we mean “can”? Surely you “can” rank for anything? Technically yes but any good SEO – Search Optimisation strategy should focus on where you can provide real value and relevance for your potential buyers.

Knowing who owns the keywords and phrases you want and why their content is so valuable is a good start but to reach your audience you’ll need to give them what they want – only better!

That could mean creating new content that speaks to the heart of your client needs, refreshing web copy to align better with how you want to be found or creating a better on page experience – we take the time to understand what the web really needs to do for you and how to shape, mold and create to help you achieve your goals – talk to us today about how your website could be achieving more.