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Turning Social Into Revenue

On average we spend 144 minutes per day on social media – it’s everywhere and love it or hate it your customers (and potential customers) are on it. Quick, effective and hyper targeted a good social strategy and social media agency can accelerate your revenue rapidly.

Sounds great right? So why do so many business struggle to get value from their social activity or social media agency and how do you turn social into a revenue generator?


Forget What You Know

Forget what you know about social, we’re about to go back to basics and start with your customer. Where do they ‘hang out’ what do they really do whilst scrolling through the endless cat videos and first day of school pics – and how do you stand out in the sea of never ending content??

Think Demand Generation….Blend the right platforms with the right content and the right journey that leads the customer to your door. With extensive experience in building high performing social strategies and revenue generating campaigns we help get your brand in front of the right people at the right time

Dont Tell - Engage

Whether you’re running your Social Media in-house or you’re looking for better value from your Social Media Agency putting your customer (or potential customer) at the heart of your social program is critical.

We are all consumers and we all switch off quickly when we recognise the “sales pitch” indeed LinkedIn suggest;

Whereas Facebook have this to say;

“Share more content. Make sure the content you share on your Facebook Page is relevant to your industry so that people who follow or like your Page find it meaningful”

At The Demand Generation Team we work on value, wherever your audience are “hanging out” we blend organic and paid social activity to build active, prosperous communities that deliver value to your potential customers and of course back to you. If you’re looking for a better way to engage and win across the social channels then give us a call today.