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Bringing the best in strategic commercial thinking, Creative and Content with quality Inbound tactics – at the Demand Generation team we work with you to design and build campaigns that drive leads that actually convert to your sales teams.

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Key Components to Effective Campaigns

How often have you heard “Let’s run a campaign around that” as though it was as simple as clicking your fingers. Great campaigns, campaigns that really deliver take time, effort, planning and of course creativity. It’s not enough to have a great idea anymore – the breadth of media, targeting and delivery channels, not to mention sales avenues mean that we must build campaigns strategically and that means knowing and intentionally building to reach your goals.

Key Component 1 - Goal Setting

Whenever you’re planning a campaign goal setting should be the first item on your agenda, tie your goals to real commercial objectives and map backwards to help you develop the architecture of your campaign.  Your goals need to be tangible and as detailed as you can make them – for example “more sales” isn’t an effective goal, how many sales? Of which product type? What revenue do you want to drive? £1000 £100,000?

Creating specific and targeted goals for your campaign will help you not only map your campaign strategy but also help you measure your performance once you activate.

Key Component 2 - Audience Mapping, Validation and Insight

Getting the right message to the right audience at the right time is a major success factor for campaigns, you may have the best solution for your buyers but if they’re not ready to buy then a sales pitch is very likely to fall on deaf ears. Time to map, validate and get under the skin of your audience.

First of all you’ll need to assess the data available; Where is it? How can we utilise it? Which networks can we use? Getting a clear view together of where your audience “live” will shape the channels you use long term. Listening via technology or getting real customer feedback will also help validate your campaigns plans – listen carefully to your audience, they hold the insight you need to build your campaign content around.

Key Component 3 - Content That Hits The Spot

This will vary massively depending on your product or solution but one thing is for sure and articulated beautifully by the Buyer Persona Institute “Times have changed, and today’s educated buyers don’t believe our marketing promises.” Your buyers want relevant, insightful content that genuinely helps them solve problems, look better, make more money etc etc – in short everything that normal people want! Getting to the heart of what your buyers want and cutting the fluff from your campaigns will result in better quality opportunities, better close rates and ultimately happy customers and sales teams.

Key Component 4 - Seamless Journey

A personal favourite of ours and one where many organisations fall behind. Consider the scenario…you’ve invested £££ in a well planned, insightful campaign targeting a high value audience that has generated a host of new leads – great news? Only these leads didn’t make it into your CRM until 7 days later, the potential customer has already spoken to one of your competitors and now can’t remember when or why they enquired? Worse still there was no automated follow up email jogging their memory and not so much as a “thank you” for their interest.

The result? Your beautiful new leads have a poor conversion rate and your ROI is looking poorer still – getting the journey right throughout your campaign can avoid costly mishaps before happen.

Key Component 5 - Measurement

Measure, Measure, Measure and measure some more! No we don’t mean lose yourself in pointless data but DO use your original goals to track the effectiveness of your campaign components. A/B test your inbound tactics, measure your conversion through the waterfall and track the progress of any deals in the pipeline, do it often and use the findings to make swift decisions to improve the effectiveness of your campaign performance.

Building Your Next Campaign

All campaigns are different and whilst key steps are great to guide you there’s nothing quite like an expert at your side – if you’re thinking about making your next campaign your best performer yet then get in touch, we’d love to help.