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According to a study by hubspot only 3% of buyers actually trust your sales people, which is a tricky starting point if you’re looking at increasing sales performance.

Similarly if it takes 18 calls to actually connect with a potential buyer your team have got to “kiss a lot of frogs” to finally get to a potential buyer – all of this means we have to be smarter with our sales time and more effective with our people, process and data.

Most organisations we work with have a number of stand-out performers, most somewhere in the middle of the table and a few that are really lagging behind – sound familiar? With over 15 years expertise in and managing global sales teams we recognise the key challenges that businesses face in increasing sales performance.

Intelligent Growth

Where to start?

It all comes down to three key areas:

Your People – What motivates them? What skills gaps do they have? What does their EQ look like and what do they need to fly?

Demand – How are you creating demand to feed your teams? Are you attracting the right type of prospects? Can you service them? How are you winning and retaining?

Process – Like it or not processes can make or break an effective sales performance, for example simple streamlining can get leads to your team in record time and could make the difference between a win and a loss.

All organisations are different but finding an increase sales performance is a constant challenge for most business and achieving just a 5% uplift could make all the difference.

At the Demand Generation team we bring years of expertise running sales teams and managing pipelines to your table to help you and your teams become more effective and ultimately achieve growth.

From Social Selling to CRM, Data Management to Productivity and Sales Enablement we have the tools and experience to help you increase sales conversions across your business.

What people say about us...

"We've worked with Helen for the last 3 years and she's been instrumental in boosting sales both in the UK and overseas. She transformed our marketing into a sales and revenue focused, high performing team. Designing, building and executing our Marketing strategy for maximum results."