Key Demand Funnel Stages

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Key Demand Generation Stages

Practical, Real World Marketing

At The Demand Generation Team we help clients grow every single day with practical real world Marketing & Sales solutions across all Key Funnel Stages

From attracting new clients to creating truly engaging content, converting new customer to retaining existing ones our team work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. To help guide and support you in your growth plans we’ve created a series of practical blogs sharing key steps, stages and strategies across all Key Funnel Stages. Check them out below or see the whole blog for more insight.


Customer Attraction

Digital Customer Attraction Ideas to help your Business grow

Customer attraction is one of the fundamental skills that any business owner needs to become (and stay) successful. Without good customer attraction ideas your brilliant product or business is likely to stay between you and companies house. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you this smorgasbord of Digital Customer Attraction Ideas to help you and your business grow.

This epic set of Customer Attraction Ideas is the first in our Growth Series Blog where we’re focusing on 4 key stages in the Demand Generation Funnel to help business owners and marketing leaders turbocharge their results…See More 

Engagement Marketing

What is it and how to use it

Engagement Marketing and Engagement with Marketing are some of the toughest areas to master for any small business. While the definition of creating meaningful interactions and moments with your audience through engaging, valuable content is simple – actually putting this into practice is a much bigger ask. Think of it as a mix of Chemistry, Art and Science with a little magic thrown in for good measure – good engagement marketing sparks real conversations, ideas and of course, Growth!…See More

How to improve your conversion rate

A practical, real world guide

How to improve your Conversion Rate is a massive subject for most marketers, if like most of us, improving your conversion rate is a key goal in your Sales and Marketing plan you’re in the right place. According to Unbounce the average landing page converts at 9.7%, so for every 10 people reading this blog then it would stand to reason that 1 person would go on to convert into a “lead” right? Not quite…in fact whilst most of us think of a conversion as a purchase or form fill a conversion can be a simple as an engagement or action that you want your audience to take…See More

How to Improve Retention Rates

Increase your retention rates in 2021

How to improve Customer Retention, not the normal first agenda item for Monday’s meeting is it? Every business owner will tell you how important New business is to their growth, and we wouldn’t disagree – it’s key part of any successful businesses. We work with business owners and Sales and Marketing teams all the time and we can tell you that New Business is high up their agenda – everyone competing for a slice of the same pie. In this, the fourth of our Demand Generation fundamentals blog we’re going to take a look at the other side of the New Business coin, retaining your hard fought, hard won customers…See More

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Marketing That Delivers

What people say about us

“From day one the focus has always been on results – starting with a completely new website which made it much easier for people to find us both in the UK and overseas, Helen identified key target markets for Lead Generation and Sales growth – improving the results for lead generation across all channels. 

As well as setting a new standard for our lead generation results Helen expanded our reach, improved our Brand Image, dramatically improved our Inbound performance, introduced Data Driven measurement, Content Marketing and significantly increased our return on investment across the board.” 

Andy Foote – Director SevenCapital